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كفر موبايل ايفون 7

سكو: 10039
موقع: Z E25
الوزن: 36.00g
عدد المتوفر: 2

8,164 دينار .ع

* الوان:

Material: TPU

3 Colors: Gray, Blue, Black

Type: Fitted Case/Skin

Compatible Brand: For Apple

Compatible Model:

Type 1: For iPhone 7

Type 2: For iPhone 7 Plus


Made of durable material.

Protect your phone from scratches, damage and bumps.

Port covers keep dirt and debris from getting into internal device components.

Complete use of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus through the case, including cameras, microphones, and speakers.

Flexible and easy clean.

Light weight and durable.


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